 The standard open account terms are 3% – 15 Days or Net 30 from date of invoice.

  •   A service charge of 1.5% per month will be charged on all past due invoices.
  •   Past due invoices may cause termination of open account status.DELIVERY TERMS The standard delivery terms are FOB Point of Shipment, unless otherwise specified.SHIPPING CLAIMS Claims for “in-transit” damage, such as shortages of cartons/pallets and/or damage to cartons/pallets, should be made to the carrier.
  •   Any visible damage to the packaging at the time of delivery and/or shortages of cartons/pallets must be noted on the bill of lading.
  •   All communications with the carrier should be in writing.SHORTAGES AND DISCREPANCY CLAIMS Shipments must be inspected and claims for pricing errors, shortages or damages, not caused by the carrier, must be made in writing within five days of delivery.

 Claims must include the invoice number, invoice date, part number and a quantity.


 Written “Authorization to Return” must be obtained from ICI before returning merchandise. ICI assumes no responsibility for goods returned without such authorization.

  •   The request for return should include the related invoice date, invoice number, part number, quantity to be returned and a brief description of the problem.
  •   Unless otherwise specified, all returned goods must be shipped on a prepaid freight basis or shipment will not be accepted.
  •   All returned products are subject to a 15% restocking fee and must be current production items and in new condition.
  •   No special order returns.
  •   No wire returns.PRICE CHANGES Prices are subject to change without notice, however we will make every effort possible to give advance notice on price changes.

 All information submitted by ICI is furnished for our dealers’ knowledge and information.

 This information is highly confidential and shall not
be used by the dealer, nor disclosed to any third party, without written consent of ICI. A breech of this confi- dence could cause ICI commercial damages if disclosed to third parties.


 Products distributed by ICI are guaranteed only to the extent of the original manufacturer which generally covers defects due to materials and workmanship on a replacement basis, FOB factory.

  •   The warranty shall apply to and/or be limited to the original purchaser of any product manufactured by ICI. Any product found defective due to material workman- ship will be repaired or replaced at the option of ICI, free of charge, FOB the facility in Daphne, Alabama within a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery, unless otherwise stated.
  •   Repairs or modifications made by someone other than ICI or their authorized representatives shall render this warranty null and void, unless approval is given in writing. In the case of a claim under this warranty, the claimant is instructed to contact an ICI branch and provide identifi- cation or description of the product, the date of delivery, invoice number and the nature of the problem.
  •   The warranty provided above is the only warranty made by ICI with respect to its products or any parts thereof and is made expressly in lieu of any other warranties,
    by course of dealing, usage of trade or otherwise expressed or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranties of fitness for any particular purpose or of merchantability under the uniform commercial code. It is agreed this warranty is in lieu of and buyer hereby waives all other warranties, guarantees or liabili- ties arising by law or otherwise. Seller shall not incur any other obligation or liabilities or be liable to buyer, or any customer of buyer for any anticipated or lost profits inci- dental or consequential damages, or any other losses or expenses incurred by reason of the purchase, instal- lation, repair, use or misuse by buyer or third partiesof its products (including any parts repaired or parts replaced); and seller does not authorize any person to assume for seller any other liability in connection with the products or parts thereof. This warranty cannot be extended, altered or varied except by a written instru- ment signed by seller and buyer. ICI reserves the right to make improvements in design and material without prior notice to the trade.
  •   All sales and all agreements in relation to sales shall be deemed made at the manufacturer’s place of business in Daphne, Alabama, and any dispute arising from any sale or agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of the State of Alabama.